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Special edition features original illustrations, with each unique design !

Various mushroom are inspired by real mushrooms,
including the classic and adorable Amanita muscaria, Caesar's favorite egg mushroom,
the delicious and nutritious morel mushroom, animal-shaped parasol mushrooms,
and cat-shaped bamboo mushrooms.
Lets fill to your notebook and journal!

Dimensions: Length 175mm x Width 90mm.
Materials: Paper, Plastic.

Certain Corners Sticker Pack #002 (WASHI)

  • .Currently We can ship to Hong Kong only
    .Courier: SF Express (self pick up at SF Center/ EF Locker)
    .Delivery time: Approv. business 3 days
    * Your order may be delayed due to factors outside of our control i.e.  extreme weather, long holiday etc.

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