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​​​​​​​Forest Canister 
"Companionship is the most luxurious gift in the world. No matter how bad the world may be, I will lean on you and cuddle with you."

A unique mushroom sculpture and hand-painted ;

About the concept of "One Mushroom, One World." 1:1 scale and miniature landscape that depict the forest and natural environments. Each assembly is also made by hand, it using recycled solid alcohol canisters transformed into lamp bases.


The touch-sensitive button provides convenience and easy operation, with adjustable three-level lighting function, that creating different atmospheres for any space. You will feeling peace of mind and comfortable from the light while the dark night.


The product comes with a certificate card and an instruction manual.Customers can enjoy one year of free maintenance service starting from the date of purchase by presenting the birth certificate card. (*Hong Kong only)

It belongs to the family Marasmiaceae in the garicales, over five hundred species. The genus is difficult to distinguish, and the toxicity is unknown. When the stem of this mushroom is broken, it exudes latex and can even emit fluorescence. It is also known as the "Glowing Little Mushroom."

*Note: Some slight flaws on the surface of the iron cans, this is normal and do not affect the product quality or use.

Material description: Resin / Iron / Polystyrene / Acrylic / 5LED

Product dimensions: 155 mm height x 65 mm diameter

Paint description: Acrylicos Vallejo Acrylic colors

Battery capacity: 250 mAh

Charging format: USB-C

Weight: Approximately 116 grams

Handcrafted Sculptuarl Mushroom Lamp - MYCENA GALERICULATA (blue)

  • .Please take out the white shell.
    .Touch controls : Tap on/off Tap and hold to set brightness.
    . Short tap for set light on: left / right / left + right
    .Battery capacity: 250 mAh
    .Charging portz: USB - C
    .Battery indicator: Blue (while charging), Off (fully charged)

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