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Forest Canister 
"It is precious, elegant, and unique."

A unique mushroom sculpture and hand-painted ;

About the concept of "One Mushroom, One World." 1:1 scale and miniature landscape that depict the forest and natural environments. Each assembly is also made by hand, it using recycled solid alcohol canisters transformed into lamp bases.


The touch-sensitive button provides convenience and easy operation, with adjustable three-level lighting function, that creating different atmospheres for any space. You will feeling peace of mind and comfortable from the light while the dark night.


The product comes with a certificate card and an instruction manual.

Customers can enjoy one year of free maintenance service starting from the date of purchase by presenting the birth certificate card. (*Hong Kong only)

MORCHELLA : also known as pine mushroom, belongs to the family Tricholomataceae in the Basidiomycota phylum. It is a precious wild fungus and is renowned as the 'King of Mushrooms'. With its rich nutritional value and multiple benefits, Morchella  has become a highly favored ingredient."

*Note: Some slight flaws on the surface of the iron cans, this is normal and do not affect the product quality or use.


Material description: Resin / Iron / Glass / Acrylic / 5LED

Product dimensions: 155 mm height x 65 mm diameter

Paint description: Acrylicos Vallejo Acrylic colors

Battery capacity: 650 mAh

Charging format: USB-C

Weight: Approximately 265 grams

Handcrafted Sculptuarl Mushroom Lamp - MORCELLA

Please note that the production period for pre-order items is 14 business days (excluding holidays).
  • .Please take out the white shell.
    . LED Color Temperature: WW, CW, NW
    .Touch controls : Tap on/off Tap and hold to set brightness.
    .Breathing mode (light will glow and then flash) : Touch and hold the button for 3 seconds ;short tap to light of
    .Battery capacity: 650 mAh
    .Charging portz: USB - C

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