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"I'm a 'forest guardians'!

Don't be fooled by my small size, I have a tiny mouth that loves to eat.

During the spring and summer, I prepare for the future and energetically run in the forest!

I collect all the nuts and fruits, storing them in my pouch!

 I fill my belly and also help spread the seeds of trees and plants.

When spring arrives, I will feast once again!"

This uses recycled wine bottle corks, It operates on the principle of Automata, making it easy to use. Simply rotate it clockwise to show the dynamic chewing motion of the animal.


Dimensions: Height 90mm x Diameter 50mm

Materials: Resin, plastic, pine wood, acrylic paint

Weight: Approximately 24 grams

Handcrafted Sculptuarl Automata Toy - CHIPMUNK

Only 3 left in stock
  • .Stir the front handle clockwise

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