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Handcrafted Sculptuarl Mushroom Lamp - AMANITA MUSCARIA (CHRISTMAS EDITION)

About the origin of Christmas, there are various interpretations.

One theory suggests a possible connection between Christmas and mushrooms: centuries ago in Siberia, Shamanic wizards regarded the Amanita muscaria mushroom as the "Sacred Mushroom" for its hallucinogenic properties used for healing and spiritual rituals.

They would wear red garments with white spots, collect the mushrooms, and dry them.

During the winter solstice, they'd enter through windows or down chimneys to gift dried mushrooms, symbolizing blessings.


Additionally, in the Sami indigenous culture of Northern Europe, reindeer indeed consumed these hallucinogenic mushrooms. The red Amanita muscaria mushroom, symbolizing peace and joy, aligns closely with the essence of Christmas.


Hence, inspired by these tales, we've crafted sculptural lamps featuring the red Amanita muscaria mushroom and reindeer snuggled together. Bathed in a soft glow, they exude an aura of mystery and enchantment; the little red mushroom missing a bite beside the reindeer - one might wonder if it'll take flight to the skies, delivering gifts with Santa Claus!


Through this Christmas gift, we earnestly invite everyone to extend warm blessings to their cherished ones. Lastly, wishing everyone peace and joy while celebrating, savoring moments of tranquility brought by the mushroom sculpture lamps, and wishing all a Merry Christmas.

*Note: Some slight flaws on the surface of the iron cans, this is normal and do not affect the product quality or use.

Material description: Resin / Iron / Glass / Acrylic / 5LED

Product dimensions: 155 mm height x 65 mm diameter

Paint description: Acrylicos Vallejo Acrylic colors

Battery capacity: 450 mAh

Charging format: USB-C

Weight: Approximately 265 grams

Handcrafted Sculptuarl Mushroom Lamp - AMANITA MUSCARIA (CHRISTMAS EDITION)

  • .Please take out the white shell.
    . LED Color Temperature: WW, CW, NW
    .Touch controls : Tap on/off Tap and hold to set brightness.
    .Breathing mode (light will glow and then flash) : Touch and hold the button for 3 seconds ;short tap to light of
    .Battery capacity: 450 mAh
    .Charging portz: USB - C

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