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M+ Shop Exclusive “ Kusama Inspired Project ”


*All price is not including shipping fee*


We are pleased to be invited by M+ Shop to create two design products inspired by the world-renowned artist, the Polka Dot Queen, and they will be exclusively available at M+ Shop during the exhibition .


Inspiration from the iconic octopus tentacle art installation and combining it with the important design elements of polka dots and mushrooms, both known for their resilience in the natural world. The diverse tentacles showcase dynamic movements, intertwining with endless polka dots that adorn both the mushrooms and the tentacle structure, creating a whimsical and fantastical atmosphere.


The installation also features dried moss, stones, and dry grass to recreate a forest landscape, symbolizing the interconnectedness of nature and life's perpetual cycle. Additionally, it offers adjustable lighting and color settings, emitting a hazy light from the  mushrooms, enticing viewers to delve into mysterious world.

M+ Shop Exclusive - Octopoda Variant - 八腕目の変異体

  • .Please take out the white shell.
    . LED Color Temperature: WW, CW, NW
    .Touch controls : Tap on/off Tap and hold to set brightness.
    .Breathing mode (light will glow and then flash) : Touch and hold the button for 3 seconds ;short tap to light of
    .Battery capacity: 250 mAh
    .Charging portz: USB - C

  • .Please use a 5V charger, do not use a 7V portable charger or Quick charger.
    .Charging indicator is blue;during charging while off when fully charged
    .Keep it in a dry and ventilated place, abstaining from moistness.
    .For safety reasons, please remove the charging cable after fully charged.
    .This is handcrafted product, please enjoy the precious moment and play it carefully

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