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M+ Shop Exclusive “ Kusama Inspired Project ”


*All price is not including shipping fee*


We are pleased to be invited by M+ Shop to create two design products inspired by the world-renowned artist, the Polka Dot Queen, and they will be exclusively available at M+ Shop during the exhibition .


Inspiration from the iconic polka dot pumpkin, the Pop Art-inspired polka dot pumpkin is combined with the sculptural pumpkin, with a strong contrast. Clusters of thorns are scattered around the pumpkin, enhancing the forest atmosphere.


Additionally, applying the principles of Automata, it is crafted into a capsule toy, adding a touch of playfulness and interactivity. With a gentle press, the adorable girl's face pops up, as if filled with curiosity about the world before her. The personified variant pumpkin breathes vitality, bringing warmth and solace to her soul, imparting deeper meaning to her life.

M+ Shop Exclusive - Pumpkin Variant - カボチャの変異体

  • .Keep it in a dry and ventilated place, abstaining from moistness and Fire .
    .Not suitable for children aged three or under
    .Beware of ingestion by children

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