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Sculptural Caudex Incense Cone Burner - P. ROSULATUM VAR.GRACILIUS


*Please note that the production period for pre-order items is 3 business weeks (excluding holidays).*
*All price is not including shipping fee*

‟Light me up when you feel tired and impatient, I will make your mind feel comfortable and peaceful.“


‟The beauty of plants from an artistic perspective.“


Light, shadow, and color create the texture of objects; dots, lines, and surfaces shape their form. When these elements come together in a sculpture, they present the aesthetic appeal of the object.


Inspiration from the Pachypodium Gracilius. Observing its robust trunk, sturdy root tubers, and tender green leaves while cultivating it led to this design concept. The sculpture created through 3D modeling, depicts every inch of texture and lines. Colors capturing the unique patterns, varied lengths of root tubers, youthful green leaves, and the sharp contours of thorns.

The base made of textured rocks, adding depth and dimension to the overall artwork. they offer a fresh perspective to appreciate the beauty of plants.


‟Rediscover the essence of life through the breath.“


A circle symbolizes cycles, representing harmony, wholeness, and boundlessness. The palm-sized wooden incense holder allows one to experience . The holder gently diffuses fragrance into the air, connecting the senses and the mind, and serenity through each breath.

By focusing on the present moment and finding inner balance, it regain a sense of equilibrium amidst the uncertainties of life.


"It patiently awaits you, and you are not alone."


Whenever you feel uncomfortable , frustration, or sadness, just like the words "Just breathe" on the incense holder's card, take a deep breath! Simply learn to be still, let go, and then shift your perspective to reconnect with the essence of life.


Material : Resin / Wood / Brass

Dimensions: 140mm (H) x 75mm (W) (including wooden bowl base)

Paint Description: Acrylicos Vallejo Acrylic colors / Metallic Paint

Weight: Approximately 122g (including wooden bowl base)

Sculptural Caudex Incense Cone Burner - P. ROSULATUM VAR.GRACILIUS B#01-15

  • .Please carefully remove the packaging.
    .Take out the sculpture case and choose your favorite incense cone.
    .Carefully light the tip of the incense cone and then extinguish the flame.
    .Place the lit incense cone into the brass vessel at the center of the wooden bowl incense holder.
    .Place the stabilizer on top of the wooden bowl incense holder.
    .Cover thesculpture case, allowing the incense to burn slowly.
    .Finally, insert the card into the stabilizer to complete the setup.

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