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Established in 2017, Our inspiration from nature, art, and life.

Our founders, Horner and Nokie: we love discovering the mysterious beauty of nature, including the wonderful things that grow quietly in corners. They are curious and passionate about exploring life. "Anything, Anywhere" is not limited to any specific thing; it can even represent a feeling or an attitude toward life. Anything can inspire us.

Our philosophy is: "Everyone can have a place where they feel at peace." We believe that "everything has a spirit," and humans coexist with nature. For the past six years, we have created freely, aiming to rediscover and appreciate nature and the people and things around us through handmade art, 3D sculptures, and miniature landscape designs.


Despite the fast pace of life, we can still feel warmth and moments of tranquility, allowing us to understand the true essence and meaning of life.



Previously worked as a toy designer for Nestlé Toto Eggs

2017 — Launched Handmade Sculptural Mushroom Lamp (Ver.1)and set up an art studio at JCCAC Arts Centre Hong Kong.

2017-2018 — Participated in numerous local handicraft exhibitions, Toy Soul toy design exhibitions

2019 — Attended the "HandMade In Japan Festival Winter (2019)" in Japan.


2022 — Launched Handmade Sculptural Mushroom Lamp (Ver.2) and received an invitation from M+ to participate in the M+ Shop Exclusive "Kusama Inspired Project," introducing exclusive limited-edition products for the "Yayoi Kusama:1945 To Now" exhibition.

2023 —Launched Handmade Sculptural Mushroom Lamp (Ver.3) and Limited Edition.

錨點 1


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